Fall 2013: The People Strike Back

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

For several years now, the social relations of CUNY have been transforming in a way that can be characterized by one word: militarization. This is evident in events such as students being beaten and arrested by CUNY public safety on November 2011 during a Board of Trustees meeting, or the FBI spying on Muslim student organizations. Since the start of the fall 2013 semester, students and workers in CUNY have formed a united front to challenge militarization by protesting the return of ROTC to campuses and David Petraeus teaching in CUNY. The actions of this united front have led to an exciting development that has changed the entire terrain of struggle, as well as opened up many new revolutionary possibilities for the direction that struggles in CUNY will take.

To understand the present situation in CUNY, I will take the reader from the general to the particular level

The General…

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